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There’s Going to be Another Opportunity

There’s Going to be Another Opportunity
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This article was originally published in September 2016.

I think we too often stress about one specific opportunity that we may have. Whether it’s a job, a business venture, a class, a relationship, anything, I’m here to tell you that something else will come along.

There is too much opportunity in this world to delve on one thing.

There will always be another job, another girl (or guy), or another learning experience. You just have to be patient and keep looking.

If something doesn’t work out, move to the next thing and succeed there. I can’t stress enough how much opportunity there is. I could stop everything I am doing today and be fine knowing that there will be new things I can do.

I literally made a list of all these things, and it amazed me to see how much I could think of.

A lot of it was specific to me, but generally, it all focused on learning new things, experiencing different places, and potential businesses I can start.

This list will be different for everyone, but I encourage you to actually make one. You’ll be surprised how many things you will want to do, learn, and experience. It literally can be as simple as going outside more, learning a new skill, or spending more time with someone.

I know one thing that I want to do after swimming is learn how to snowboard.

Yes, there are some costs involved with snowboarding such as buying the actual snowboard, getting lessons, and paying to go to the slopes, but your opportunity doesn’t have to be expensive.

A lot of learning is free. Just living and experiencing life is super valuable. At the same time though, even specific skills/experiences can be acquired for free. You can literally learn a new language for free (on Duolingo), or learn how to code for free (on Codecademy), or meet someone new at a meetup for free.

There is literally no limit to the opportunities you have. You just have to find them.

And by the way, I’m a huge proponent that we were put on this Earth to do multiple things. One thing I know for sure is that I won’t be doing the same thing for 50 years until I retire.

Switch things up, think differently, and learn new things. There are too many opportunities to not take advantage of as many of them as you can.